Cool Headphones I Bought for Under 300 Bucks

Me and my significant other wanted to celebrate our fifth anniversary by buying each other headphones and we wanted them to be identical but for colour distinguishing the difference. We don’t even completely share the same tastes in music so the challenge was to get the best headphones under 300 that would suit our listening preferences. You can imagine this meant we had to become quite nerdish for a while as we poured over all the reviews we could find online before finally opting for the Sony MDRXB650BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones which we agree are top value and meet most of our requirements.

I use mine in the gym and we both go hill walking at weekends so after sound quality, the chief factors were always going to be Bluetooth wireless and battery life. We travel on trains a lot and when we sit next to each other we definitely don’t want bleed from each other’s cans and so it was also important to have virtually no sound leakage either. My partner wanted over-the-ear headphones and it was quite something to decide on these on-the-ear phones which for fit and comfort they are not just lightweight but they really do an amazing job of creating a seal that keeps bleed in or out very low.

It’s me who opted most strongly for these Extra Bass headphones but we both read how we would get everything from low to high and the reality is that the bass is strong but not so massive to destroy other aspects. In fact the highs and mids are crisp and clean so the overall reproduction sounds great to both our pairs of ears. We both like how we just use a micro USB for charging and neither of us run the battery down as we charge them every night. I like how my blue ones are easily distinguishable from her red ones and doubtless the research paid off because we are in agreement that we have come up trumps as well as in budget with these best Sony MDR-Extra Bass best headphones for under $300.